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Founded by Ryan Fitzgibbons, a seasoned leader with a diverse background in nonprofit management and strategy. Loomin Solutions is more than a consulting firm — it's a catalyst for change. With experience ranging from small community initiatives to large-scale organizational leadership, Loomin Solutions brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to every partnership.

Ryan Fitzgibbons

Founder & Principal Consultant

Ryan Fitzgibbons is a seasoned leader and innovator in the nonprofit sector, leveraging a wealth of experience to drive sustainable growth and transformation in organizations. As the founder of Loomin Solutions, Ryan brings his expertise in leadership consulting to a wide array of nonprofit entities, offering specialized services that catalyze change and foster development.


With a background that spans various executive leadership roles in the nonprofit sector, including Regional Director of ORIS (Organization for Refugee & Immigrant Success), CEO/Executive Director of Holy Family Home and Shelter, Chief Operating Officer at Humankind Wichita, COO then promoted to President/COO at the Hanover Area YMCA, and Executive Director at the Greater Wichita YMCA, Ryan’s leadership acumen is both diverse and profound. His strategic vision and operational prowess have consistently delivered measurable results, uplifting organizations and enhancing their impact on communities.

Ryan’s journey into nonprofit leadership evolved from a professional soccer career, during which he began engaging with nonprofit initiatives across the United States, Ireland, Mexico, and Haiti. This unique blend of sportsmanship and philanthropy has imbued him with a deep understanding of teamwork, perseverance, culture, and community engagement, qualities that he seamlessly integrates into his consulting practice. 

Picture of the founder


Leaving his soccer career to complete his education, Ryan began working in the hospitality industry reaching the leadership rank as General Manager of a Marriott brand hotel. His time spent in the hospitality industry gave Ryan a greater understanding of the importance of customer service which he has transitioned into the client experience working with both clients and program participants in the nonprofit sector.

At Loomin Solutions, Ryan is committed to empowering nonprofit organizations with the tools, insights, and strategies necessary for them to thrive. His approach is holistic, focusing on leadership development, operational efficiency, and organizational growth, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the core mission and values of each entity he collaborates with.


Whether your organization seeks transformative leadership, strategic realignment, or sustainable growth, Ryan Fitzgibbons and Loomin Solutions stand ready to illuminate the path forward, guiding your organization to new heights of success and impact.

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