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Durham Middlefield Youth & Family Services (DMYFS)

Our largest project to date was contracted on April 1, 2024. Loomin Solutions has taken leadership of this Youth & Family organization. Ryan is the acting Interim Executive Director and is providing a full scale realignment for the organization. Loomin started this project conducting a strategic plan with the board of directors and began executing it. Everything from new policies and procedures, to funding, programs, talent search for specialists with certifications (MSW, LICSW), and a complete rebrand. Loomin is subcontracting portions of this project (mainly tech (new website & social content)

Project Objective

To facilitate a comprehensive realignment and revitalization of the Youth & Family organization, optimizing its operational efficiency, expanding its programmatic reach, and strengthening its brand presence in the community.

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Fund Development

Durham Middlefield Youth & Family Services has undergone a transformative journey with our comprehensive organizational assessment, pinpointing immediate and long-term needs. We've crafted job descriptions for key roles like the 'Prevention Coordinator' and 'Program Director,' actively recruiting top talent by posting positions on CYSA and Indeed. Guided by an initial strategic plan, we're enhancing organizational development, refining programs, and devising fundraising strategies for a robust strategic direction. Our Onboarding Packet and 90-Day Review template ensure seamless transitions for new hires, while our revamped Policies & Procedures set the groundwork for operational excellence. With an eye for digital enhancement, we've evaluated and improved our website and social media presence. Engaging with the community, we've attended pivotal JRB case meetings and established a monthly newsletter, keeping stakeholders abreast of our progress. Moreover, we're refining our Mission & Vision Statements and have completed crucial training sessions, including required DCF reporting. Positioned in donor programs and other initiatives, we're poised to continue making meaningful impacts in our community.

Structure Enhancements

Durham Middlefield Youth & Family Services has undergone significant enhancements under our guidance. We've instituted a structured training program to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all organizational roles, fostering efficiency and cohesion. Collaborating closely with the Connecticut Youth Services Association (CYSA), we've actively engaged in state-wide initiatives, leveraging key relationships to stay aligned with best practices. Additionally, we've initiated the recruitment process for the Prevention Coordinator position, meticulously screening candidates to secure the best fit. Simultaneously, we're streamlining tasks, crafting a Program Calendar, and developing a strategic plan and fund development strategy for long-term sustainability. With a focus on operational refinement and strategic planning, we're poised to drive impactful change and foster continued success for Durham Middlefield Youth & Family Services.

Growth Planning

Throughout our tenure with Durham Middlefield Youth & Family Services, we have prioritized stakeholder engagement, initiating discussions with key stakeholders to delve into the organization's objectives, hurdles, and potential avenues for growth. Continuous meetings, including regular brain-meld sessions with Jennifer, have fostered stronger connections and facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas. Actively participating in board meetings and attending sessions like the Juvenile Review Board (JRB) has provided invaluable insights into the challenges faced by youth and the effectiveness of existing interventions. Furthermore, our involvement in community events, such as presenting fundraising ideas at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, has garnered positive feedback and laid the groundwork for future collaborations. Scheduled meetings with influential figures, like Superintendent Dr. Schuch, and networking efforts with organizations like the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce underscore our commitment to advancing the mission of DMYFS. These endeavors, coupled with diligent recruitment efforts and ongoing training initiatives, reflect our dedication to driving sustainable growth and enhancing service delivery at DMYFS.

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