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Southeast Soccer Club

New London, CT

  • Evaluated existing fundraising strategies.

  • Creating a sustaining fundraising strategy and the development of a website for club supporters. 

  • Creating a marketing strategy for the club.

FBC Shelter

Moorestown, NJ

  • Conducted a feasibility study.

  • Developed renovation plans for building owned by the church to convert into a shelter and additional spaces for existing and new services.

  • Research and completion of grants for the project and sustainability.


Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  • Evaluation of current operations.

  • Development of a strategic plan

  • Creating a fundraising strategy and implementation of a campaign


Middlefield, CT

  • Conducted an evaluation of the current state of the organization

  • Evaluated program offerings

  • Currently drafting a Strategic Plan

  • Relaunching the organization with new programs to benefit the community

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