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Founded by Ryan Fitzgibbons, a seasoned leader with a diverse background in nonprofit management and strategy. Loomin Solutions is more than a consulting firm — it's a catalyst for change. With experience ranging from small community initiatives to large-scale organizational leadership, Ryan and the Loomin Solutions team bring a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to every partnership.

Ryan Fitzgibbons

Founder & CEO

In 2022, Ryan launched Loomin Solutions Consulting Group, drawing on his extensive leadership experience and fresh from a transformative tenure at Holy Family Home and Shelter (HFHS), where he continues to lead as CEO/Executive Director. His journey with HFHS began in 2021, capping off seven years at the helm of various nonprofit organizations, where he served in roles such as COO, President/COO, CSO, and Executive Director.

Recognizing a critical need for a cohesive identity and more effective funding mechanisms, Ryan spearheaded a dynamic rebranding of Holy Family Home and Shelter. His strategic vision led to the merging of organizations under the HFHS banner, establishing a robust entity dedicated to combating poverty and homelessness. The rebranding was more than a name change; it was the creation of a unified force for change, with a clear mission and an efficient structure.

Inspired by his experience as COO at HumanKind Wichita, where he witnessed the power of comprehensive support services, Ryan championed a holistic approach at HFHS. The organization now operates across four distinct divisions, each contributing to a 360-degree service model that wraps around individuals and families, providing them with the tools and support necessary to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. This strategic realignment under Ryan's guidance has positioned HFHS as a full-service nonprofit leader, dedicated to delivering impactful and sustainable solutions to some of society's most pressing challenges.


Resource constraints necessitated a hands-on approach from Ryan, compelling him to delve deeply into the operations he managed. Within his initial six months at Holy Family Home and Shelter (HFHS), Ryan undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the organization's position, studied the competitive landscape, and authored a strategic plan. He spearheaded the creation of a new brand identity, marketed it effectively, initiated fundraising campaigns, and managed public relations efforts.

During his transformative tenure at HFHS, Ryan identified a critical need for accessible support services for nonprofits. This insight led to the establishment of Loomin Solutions in 2022, a consultancy born out of the necessity to aid nonprofits in navigating their unique challenges affordably.

In his expansive role, Ryan actively engages with policymakers to address the homelessness and poverty crisis. His efforts include collaborative work with state representatives and senators to influence and shape legislation.

Before his impactful work at HFHS, Ryan served as the Chief Operating Officer for Humankind Wichita. There, he contributed significantly to the organization's mission of providing outreach, shelter, affordable housing, and essential services to those affected by homelessness or economic hardship in Sedgwick County, Kansas.

Transitioning from a career as a General Manager in the hospitality sector and a professional soccer player, Ryan relocated with his family to Hanover, Pennsylvania, in 2016. He assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at the Hanover Area YMCA and was subsequently promoted to President/COO. In 2019, he continued his journey in nonprofit leadership at the Greater Wichita YMCA in Kansas.

Ryan's strategic leadership is marked by his innovative and visionary approach. His professional soccer background has been a cornerstone in his transition from the field to philanthropic endeavors, turning his passion for service into a vocation. He maintains active involvement with various charitable organizations and initiatives across the United States, Haiti, and Ireland, where he is a dual citizen.

Ryan's diverse experiences, from his upbringing in Ireland to his time in Guadalajara, Mexico, have enriched his cultural perspective and approach to service.

The inception of Loomin Solutions Nonprofit Consulting Group marks a new chapter in his career, one where he dedicates his expertise to empowering nonprofit organizations to make a meaningful impact. Ryan's academic background in Psychology and Business Management from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, followed by studies in Social Sciences at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, after retiring from soccer, underpins his comprehensive understanding of organizational dynamics and human behavior.


“Most homeless people I interact with don’t get the respect and attention needed as a human being. They don’t feel worthy due to the circumstances they are in, no matter the reason. Letting them know that they are not only worthy, but that they can help change that perception, is my main purpose here.”

"I have found the key to being a successful leader is being open to the feedback and suggestions of those involved in whatever organization I am leading. Ego cannot be a factor in decision-making if you are truly looking for what's best for the organization. Usually, the people doing the job know what's wrong with a procedure long before the "bosses".

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