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Loomin Solutions Consulting Group offers the comprehensive capabilities and knowledge necessary to help you in a specific area, create strategic growth, find the next leader, or solve the most complex issues of your organization. We understand that change is not always easy, especially in community organizations. As President/COO of a multi-million dollar YMCA, Chief Strategic Officer for a large city-wide nonprofit, and Executive Director of a small nonprofit, I've been helping organizations of all sizes transition through change and find their identity. 

The name Loomin Solutions Consulting Group comes from that experience. This is a brand that connects people and organizations. "Loomin" is a merge between the loop concept + planning.

Ryan Fitzgibbons

 Founder & CEO

Ryan founded Loomin Solutions Consulting Group in 2022 after completing a rebrand and reinventing HFHS (formally Holy Family Home and Shelter) where he is the CEO/Executive Director. Ryan became the organizational leader of Holy Family Home & Shelter in 2021 after 7 years of nonprofit executive leadership as COO, President/COO, CSO, and Executive Director. Seeing the need for an identity and lack of efficient funding, Ryan rebranded Holy Family Home and Shelter. This was done through merging of organizations and building division and forming HFHS. HFHS is a full service nonprofit organization that addresses poverty and homelessness. The approach of 360 degree wrap around services was inspired by his time as COO at HumanKind Wichita. HFHS now has four divisions:


HFHS Shelter | Homes+ | HFHS Homeless Services | HFHS Community. 


Limited resources forced Ryan to be hands on and dive into areas he overseen. Evaluating where we were, learning our comp set, writing a strategic plan, creating a new brand, marketing that brand, creating fundraising campaigns, public relations, and more were done in his first six months at HFHS. Ryan saw the need for affordable nonprofit support during the time spent transition HFHS and founded Loomin Solutions in 2022 as a response. Part of his role is working with government officials on legislation addressing the homeless and poverty crisis. This includes meeting and working along side of local state representatives and senators. Prior to HFHS, he was Chief Operating Officer for Humankind Wichita, a nonprofit organization that provides street outreach, shelter, affordable housing, supportive services, and basic needs to those experiencing homelessness or home poverty in Sedgwick County, KS. Formally a General Manager in the hospitality industry and professional soccer player, Ryan and his family moved to Hanover, PA in 2016 to become the Chief Operating Officer and later promoted to President/COO for the Hanover Area YMCA and in 2019 to Wichita, KS to the Greater Wichita YMCA.

In addition to his operations background, Ryan is a strategic leader with an out of the box approach and vision. A former professional soccer player that has turned philanthropic service from a passion to a career. He continues to be involved with several philanthropic organizations and activities in the United States, Haiti and Ireland where he holds dual citizenship. Ryan has a cultured background from living  in Ireland and Guadalajara, Mexico.


Creating Loomin Solutions Nonprofit Consulting Group is the next chapter in his career. He enjoys working with nonprofit organizations in making a difference in the lives of others.  Educated in Psychology and Business Management at Guilford College, Greensboro, NC then Social Sciences at Assumption College, Worcester, MA after retiring from soccer.


“Most homeless people I interact with don’t get the respect and attention needed as a human being. They don’t feel worthy due to the circumstances they are in, no matter the reason. Letting them know that they are not only worthy, but that they can help change that perception, is my main purpose here.”

"I have found the key to being a successful leader is being open to the feedback and suggestions of those involved in whatever organization I am leading. Ego cannot be a factor in decision making if you are truly looking for what's best for the organization. Usually the people doing the job know what's wrong with a procedure long before the "bosses".

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