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 Loomin Solutions

Nonprofit Leadership Consulting Group

Loomin Solutions: Empowering Nonprofit Excellence

Our mission is to elevate the impact and efficiency of nonprofit organizations through innovative leadership consulting. Leveraging a rich tapestry of global experiences and a deep understanding of the unique challenges in the nonprofit sector, we provide specialized services that inspire growth, foster sustainable success, and transform visions into impactful realities. At Loomin Solutions, we are committed to nurturing leadership that makes a difference, creating lasting change in communities around the world.

Vision Statement

To be a leading partner in empowering nonprofit organizations through innovative and strategic leadership, facilitating transformative change for a better tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Empowering nonprofit organizations by providing strategic leadership, innovative solutions, and comprehensive support to bridge the gap between passion-driven missions and professional business acumen, ensuring sustainable success and impactful community service.


Strategic Partnership
Interim Leadership
Talent Search

We stand beside you as a strategic partner, ready to navigate the complexities of nonprofit management. From board development to operational strategy, we tailor our approach to meet your unique challenges and opportunities.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be disruptive. Our interim leadership services ensure a seamless transition, maintaining momentum and stability when it's needed most.

The right leadership can redefine an organization. We specialize in identifying and recruiting talent that aligns with your values and vision, ensuring a future of inspired guidance.

Grant Writing
Business Development

Funding is the lifeblood of any nonprofit. Our grant writing expertise unlocks new opportunities for growth, enabling you to focus on what you do best — serving the community.

We help you envision a sustainable future with business development strategies that are as practical as they are visionary, ensuring long-term success and impact.

Business Continuity

Loomin Solutions Consulting Group offers a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of nonprofits and clients. Whether you’re a small, local nonprofit or a well-established organization, we can help you through transitional periods and help you reach new levels of success. Loomin Solutions has experience with many different size nonprofits and is aware of what the day-to-day operations and oversight of each type of organization look like.

Small nonprofits tend to operate with a lean staffing structure. Some may even rely on an individual with the most experience. The loss of this individual can put the organization in a difficult situation. We can fill that void through discovery, planning, and execution.

Larger nonprofit organizations face similar challenges, but we can help plan for transitional periods as well as respond to the loss of a leader. Strategic planning and interim leadership is a service we specialize in. Change in leadership can be a challenge. Loomin Solutions can make a change in leadership much smoother and "community friendly" by filling that position in the interim and assisting in the search for the next leader.

Custom Rates

Nonprofit Organizations come in a wide range of budget sizes. Like most organizations and leaders in this industry, the passion for helping people is what drives us. That is why full and support services are priced to fit to your budget. The success of Loomin Solutions is measured by the success of the organizations we support. Pricing for services is determined after the discovery phase.

Service Categories

Specialized Advisory Services

Loomin Solutions Consulting Group exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

Our Clients and Partners

Here are some great nonprofit organizations we partner with and support. Consider donating to make a direct impact on the lives of others.

Irish Homeless World Cup_edited.jpg

Irish Homeless Street Leagues



Captura de Tela 2022-10-13 às 15.39_edited.jpg

Homeless World Cup

Captura de Tela 2022-10-13 às 15.41_edited.jpg

Holy Family Home & Shelter

Captura de Tela 2022-10-13 às 15.41_edited.jpg

Philly Restart

Captura de Tela 2022-10-13 às 15.41.54.png


Maurício Fiedler, CERBO

​"Working with Loomin was amazing. Ryan's work really made the difference in my company, and we are certain that we're in the right track after his effective consulting."

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We are focussed on helping Non Profit Organizations of all sizes implement strategic growth, transition through change, and find their identity

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FBC Shelter & Services

Moorestown, NJ

  • Feasibility Study

  • Development of a strategic plan

  • Creating a fundraising strategy and implementation of a campaign

  • Grant research and submission

  • Design of renovations to current facilities for conversion to a housing and services facility. 


Hackensack, NJ

  • Feasibility Study 

  • Sectioning of land for development

  • Planning for campus setting for social service center


Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  • Evaluation of current operations.

  • Development of a strategic plan

  • Creating a fundraising strategy and implementation of a campaign

Southeast Soccer Club

New London, CT

  • Creating an annual fundraising campaign

  • Annual golf tournament

  • Social Media

  • Marketing

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